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Kitware's research and development team is ready to help you realize your most challenging software goals by delivering high-quality solutions in areas such as medical imaging and analysis, data and analytics, high-performance computing and visualization, software process, and computer vision. Kitware provides custom consulting and technology integration services supporting projects ranging from small research efforts to large-scale production software applications. With a proven track record of building successful, high-quality scientific computing software, we have the ability to transition cutting edge research into practical solutions. These solutions are built on proven open-source systems and software processes that facilitate agile, cost-effective development, and enable collaboration across the enterprise or within large teams, with no license fees or prohibitive restrictions.

Our consulting services are flexible enough to meet the needs of both research organizations and commercial product companies. Do you have an exploratory project that can't be easily captured in a requirements document, or a development effort that will need to shift priorities as the solution evolves? We have time and materials contracts that are perfect for these situations. Is your project well-defined, with known requirements and a set schedule? We offer fixed-price contracts to meet your needs.

Working with Kitware on your next software development effort has many advantages.

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Unique Expertise

We've proven our software expertise through our open-source offerings, which have been used by tens of thousands of software developers worldwide for nearly two decades. We've also proven our scientific expertise in a variety of technical fields through publications in areas such as high-performance computing, scientific computing, medical computing, and computer vision. Our highly skilled team is able to both tackle challenging research projects and deliver solid software solutions.

Agile Development Process

Our iterative software development process allows us to rapidly achieve an initial solution that can be demonstrated and tested. We work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your needs, even if you are not entirely sure what those are at the start of the project.

No License Fees

Our solutions are typically built upon our open-source foundation and are free from license fees. We will deliver the source code to you, allowing you to modify it and continue development in the future. Our solutions do not include any "copy left" open source and are therefore suitable for proprietary commercial products.

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